We utilized the product in the Great Barrier Reef building which shows off the sharks, jellyfish and tropical fish. The project utilized the spider lath and then thin set grout was installed over the lath. Once it dried Hagerman utilized stamps or masonry tools to put design onto the grout for the simulated look of either brick, masonry, or weathered wood. Once that grout was dried, the onsite team painted the finish colors onto the surface and looks very realistic.

I would say we saved 25-30% in labor, but the fact we didn’t have to mobilize additional crews and get those scheduled saved actual days in our schedule. Positive points: The fact the product is lightweight, quick to install, and ability for anyone to install. The project utilized Spiderlath for its flexibility and light weight properties. It allowed out team to quickly install and to not have to utilize a masonry crew to install it.

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