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The Future Of Lath

SpiderLath Installation

SpiderLath is designed to be a replacement alternative for metal lath. Because it is made of AR fiberglass it offers several installation advantages and cost savings. Unlike the SpiderLath Fiberglass Lath System, metal lath installation is heavy, difficult to use and can easily cut the installer.

Installation Benefits

Because of the size of each roll (4 ft. x 75 ft.) and the ease at which the installer can unroll, stretch and fasten a roll, the installation time (labor costs) are cut by 30 to 60%.

Easy to transport. Weighing only 20 lbs. per roll (300 sq.ft.), this equivalent to 18 sheets of 2.5 lath which would weight about 90 lbs. Try carrying 18 sheets of lath on your shoulder up two sections of scaffolding.

Very versatile allowing the installer to install it horizontally, vertically, or diagonally.

Easy to use, cuts with scissors or knife. Lath scratches and cuts are eliminated because Spiderlath leaves no sharp edges to cut the installer.

  • A thin coat of stiffening material is added to the fiberglass mesh to make the product easier to handle and faster to install.
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