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Fort Wayne Children's Zoo - Australian Renovation

We utilized the product in the Great Barrier Reef building which shows off the sharks, jellyfish and tropical fish. The project utilized the spider lath and then thin set grout was installed over the lath. Once it dried Hagerman utilized stamps or masonry tools to put design onto the grout for the simulated look of either brick, masonry, or weathered wood. Once that grout was dried, the onsite team painted the finish colors onto the surface and looks very realistic.

I would say we saved 25-30% in labor, but the fact we didn't have to mobilize additional crews and get those scheduled saved actual days in our schedule. Positive points: The fact the product is lightweight, quick to install, and ability for anyone to install. The project utilized Spiderlath for its flexibility and light weight properties. It allowed out team to quickly install and to not have to utilize a masonry crew to install it.

Clemson University Concrete Canoe Project

Thank you some much for your donation to our project. This year we placed fifth overall at the ASCE National Concrete Canoe Competition, winning 1st in Final Product, 3rd in Design Paper. Clara Waddell, Graduate Student, Dept. of Industrial Engineering, Clemson University

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Building A Really Scary Haunted House With Stucco

When it comes to haunted house construction Tony Wohlgemuth knows how it’s done. In High Point, North Carolina Tony has been developing a Haunted House theme park amidst his family’s Christmas tree farm. Using a 4 jet Wall Blaster, Tony’s team applied stucco over SpiderLath and used an artistic touch to create the creepy old feel everyone knows and loves to be scared of each October at the Kersey Valley Spookywoods. Article with video and photos.

Other News

January 2015 – SpiderLath used in building an outdoor scene diorama click for story, and in a waterscape design competition click for story, or follow these links to the digital edition of Concrete Decor, pages 96 and 60, respectively.

SpiderLath used on ICF. Click for story.

ArmaCo Construction Inc. Repairing Water Damage Behind Stucco. Click for story.

Construction Problem Leaves Local Homes Rotting: ABC News, Philadelphia. Click for story

News Archive

The Journal of Light Construction – August 2010 – Fiberglass Lath (PDF)

Green Building Advisor– Feb 2010 – Fiberglass Lath Works Better than Metal (and Won't Rust)

Fine Homebuilding Magazine – Feb/March 2010A Fiberglass Alternative to Metal Lath

Green Building Advisor – Nov 2009NC Home Grabs Five Green Ratings

Masonry Construction – May 2009Stone Veneer

Masonry Construction – Jan 2008Concrete Materials and Admixtures

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Flex-C-Ment has been in the decorative concrete manufacturing business for decades, and for most of that time have had to work with bulky, hard to work with and overall dangerousness of installing the old metal lathing systems for installations over adverse substrates. SpiderLath has revolutionized the outlook toward these types of installations with SpiderLath's extreme user-friendliness, and efficiency of installation in these situations. SpiderLath surpasses any and all expectations in durability and strength ensuring that contractors may feel at ease that their projects will withstand the extreme vulnerabilities that these applications sometimes take on.

We at Flex-C-Ment recommend SpiderLath to all of our clients and many different scenarios of application to ensure that our product always has the best opportunity to perform at its highest level and by using SpiderLath our clients will always have the comfort of knowing that they are using the utmost top quality lathing materials for their applications.

Along with great product offerings from SpiderLath, their employees and customer service have been second to none when needing any technical and installation advice while using any of their various lines. Flex-C-Ment has been very happy with everything involved with SpiderLath's Company and products and will continue to promote the usage of these products at any time. Thank you for everything that you do for our industry,

Gregg Hensley-National Sales and Marketing Manager FLEX-C-MENT

I loved working with your product, first introduced by Vertical Artisans, and I'll continue to use it in the future. Keep up the great work and keep me informed of new products and or suppliers.

Repectfully, Bob - Restoration Colllaborative llc.

We do a lot of stucco applications on chimneys and ICF walls and veneer stone applications that all require galvanized wire mesh to attach the stucco or thin set to the substrate. This stuff is very unpleasant to work with and can lead to moisture migration into the wall. SpiderLath is a fiberglass lathe with rubber gaskets that you nail through to attach it to the wall so you will not have leaks through the fastener penetration and it comes in a 4’ x 75’ light weight roll that is very easy to work with and corrosion proof. It solves a difficult problem in a very elegant way.

Michael, Chandler Design Build

My name is Paul from Western Michigan University concrete canoe team. You sent us a sample of your product SpiderLath and we love it! It is a far better product then any other mesh we've tested. We would really like to use it as reinforcement in our concrete canoe. We will also send you more pictures we actually build the canoe. Thanks again for your help and we love your product. Click for photos.

"This is a Great Product. Unbeatable and Very Believable Product. Thanks Spider Lath $$."

Adan Gutierrez III, President
Masonry Applicator, A. Bricklayers Company LLC., 361-580-0036

April 18, 2008, Waterville, Ohio.
(customer of Kuhlman Corp., Toledo, Ohio) applying SpiderLath for the first time. Following are some of the comments from Dan and his assistant as they worked with SpiderLath.

“Cuts like butter. No sharp edges. Nails up nice and quick”
“Far less cutting and less pieces to deal with.”
“Easier to trowel over than metal lath.”
“Simple to trim around windows and make cuts for electrical wiring.”
“Takes mortar better along the edge.”
“Metal lath tends to vibrate on the edges and makes it difficult for mortar to hang on it.”
“We don’t have to figure which way is up or down on the lath.”

"I really like your product it's been working very well, thanks a lot for you help. Our workers like working with the much lighter, easier to use material as well. They're not getting any cuts on their hands from the metal and it's much, much easier to cut. So i just thought i'd say thanks, and that i'm happy the wait is over. I was getting really tired of the metal."

John, Quarry Stone Ltd.

"I save OVER 50% on my installation labor costs when I use SpiderLath! The ease of installation is unbelieveable and a lot safer than the old metal lath. I will only recommend and use SpiderLath!"

Jay Harvester, NW Mfg Stone.

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